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Box2D-Match3 game. Sounds crazy? It is! Give it a try!
Instruções :
MessyShapes sends a stream of random cute shapes falling from the sky……all with their own personality! Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to destroy them by clicking on at least 3 touching shapes of the same color. Careful though……if you click on a shape that isn’t touching at least 2 others of the same color, that shape will ‘freeze’ into an ice block that can only be destroyed by the bombs. However you go about destroying these little critters, don’t let them fill your screen!! If too many pile up, you get a 10 second count down to clear those dastardly shapes sharpish!! Don’t want to lose to a bunch of cute shapes now do you?? Good Luck!
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Tags:  box2d  puzzle  shapes  match3  cute  addicting